7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Pizza Maker

Who doesn’t love to have pizza?  This cheesy delicious dish seems to be made in heaven and is a favourite of young and old alike. It comes with a variety of toppings both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories. Though it is loaded with calories, even the most health-conscious ones cannot generally resist the temptation once it is placed in front of them.

Though there are some well-known pizza chains that are famous for their pizzas, making them at home is also very easy especially if you have a pizza maker at home. A pizza maker is an ultimate kitchen appliance, which you should definitely have if you are a pizza lover.

Here are some of the mind-blowing facts about pizza makers.

  1.    You can customise your pizza base and toppings as per your need and preference. So, whether you are health conscious or want to make veggie-loaded pizza for your children it lets you experiment everything. Also, the homemade pizzas cost a fraction of what you pay for the readymade ones, thus enabling you to save a huge amount of money. In a nutshell, the homemade variants that you can make using your pizza maker are not only healthy but also money savers and all this without compromising on taste factor.
  2.    It is a versatile appliance using which you can not only make pizza but can bake, roast and grill many other items and try various tasty delicacies. You can make omelette, try making some pitta bread etc.
  3.    Some pizza makers have a fixed stone base. As this stone is mostly ceramic, the heat spreads evenly and is also retained to give you perfectly crispy pizza and that too without any hassle.
  4.    Pizza makers are designed in such a way that the pizza gets ready in no time. In fact, you can keep pizza on the menu for a kid’s party as the appliance can keep doling out one pizza every few minutes. Thus, it can be your companion and saviour when organising parties at home.
  5.    It comes with a non-stick surface. So, you can coolly make pizzas, tikkis, omelettes or fishes without getting messy or worrying about the oil usage or the cleaning part. It provides many healthy options to eat and relish.
  6.    To cook a proper pizza, you need to have high voltage and heat. The pizza maker is generally designed in such a way that high temperature is reached in minimum possible time to save on energy bills.
  7.   The appliance is very compact and thus easy to use and store. It is also portable as the total weight of the pizza maker is less than 2kg. So, you can easily take it along if you want to. It also doesn’t cost much and with so many benefits it makes an ideal gifting option too.

Though pizza maker was invented by Italians, today it has taken the whole globe in its grip. The mind-boggling popularity of pizza forced the scientific fraternity to find a reason behind it. The University of Michigan examined what foods made people exhibit addictive tendencies. They took a sample among 504 students and the results showed that pizza was on the top of the list. It definitely seems to be the perfect meal for any time of the day.