Did You Know – Different People Have Different Perceptions About Mass Gain!

Lifting pans, pots and utensils is as good an exercise for gaining body pass as is gym exercises and lifting weights. Bodybuilding Blog features a number of articles describing how weight gain is easier than what people perceive. In fact, a healthy routine and right diet can easily help in gaining around 10 pounds in matter of just 3 months. The fact is different people say different things about mass gain.

While one bodybuilder may suggest that it is the nutrition that makes 90% of mass gain and bodybuilding, another may say it is 50-50 combination of both. So, there are plenty of differences in people’s opinions on mass gains but Bodybuilding Blog suggests that nutrition plays a very big role in mass gain.

Workouts Matter a Great Deal

Of course, effective and personalized bodybuilding workouts are essential for gaining quality mass but the methods you adopt for mass growth is also equally critical. Yes you would have to hit the gym for right kind of workouts but Bodybuilding blog gives you an insight into the kind of food you should eat, which would complement your efforts in the gym. Importance of right eating lies in the fact that what you eat should go in your body and build solid muscles at the right places and not just get stored as body fat.

Controlling Your Calorie Intake

Needless to say that workouts increase your appetite and in that situation if you start taking wrong calories at wrong times, then all your efforts are likely to backfire. You will certainly gain mass but in form of body fat, which would be world apart from what you wanted form your efforts. This is where a reliable online resource like BodyBuilding Blog comes to your rescue, and guides you through each and every step.

The website states that the trick lies in slowly increasing your intake by correctly manipulating carbs, fats and proteins to build muscles. A careful approach like this will avoid the calories to turn into fat. The aim in three months should be to gradually increase your intake and keep the fat percentage either at the same level or less compared to when you started.

As an example, if your current weight is around 200 pounds and you want to add additional 10 pounds to weigh 210 pounds, the percentage of body fat in this case would drop. In other words, when you add 10 pounds then your body fat percentage drops close to 9.5%. In nut shell, BodyBuilding Blog emphasizes that a calculated approach is important for right kind of mass gain. Go through the blog to know more about muscle building and mass gain.